09 8 / 2013

Meditation time.

31 7 / 2013

Champion of your life!

16 7 / 2013

Becoming your personal best is a lifelong journey celebrated each day. Did you make the bet of today. The best decision at this moment? If we move too far out in the future we become overwhelmed and afraid to make any moves at all! Don’t overwhelm yourself. The deep breaths. Believe in yourself. Move forward in confidence. You’ve got this!

09 7 / 2013

press forward!!

28 6 / 2013

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18 6 / 2013

Yikes! What a painful process to have ones teeth pierce through the soft gum, but it’s necessary. Teeth are needed to help us survive.

Same in business. Skill and knowledge is necessary to help a business survive and thrive. Though I’ve owned a business before, it was a small sole proprietorship. Not many regulation other than filing taxes in which I did with a computer system. This time around, I have attorneys, accountants, permits, licenses, etc. things I had no idea about so doing it right the first time wasn’t as easy as I thought. I’m learning.

It’s like I’m in kindergarten learning all over again. It’s something new. Instead of feeling small and dumb, it’s important to understand that those feelings are counter productive. They don’t help me digest and act on the information, but causes delay into action.

Cutting teeth needs to be done to produce full skill and tools needed to succeed.



12 6 / 2013

12 6 / 2013

Make room for new things by letting go of the things that weigh you down.

This is a challenge at times because instead of letting go our mind keeps trying to figure out the why? Why did they do… Why did they say… All that energy spent of things you can’t answer and more than not, they can’t answer either.

Devine intervention? Could be. Could be God moving the wrong person out of the way allowing you to be free for the right person. But if you’re still hung up on the old, how can you accept the new?! Old wine skin used for new wine is no good.

So, send light and love their way. Forgive them. Bless them every time you think of them. Diminish conversation about them. Let it go. Walk in peace. Easier said than done? Not really. It takes some action on your part. You have to physically open your mouth and say that you send light and love; that you forgive; that you want blessings sent their way. Why? The mind will continually get bombarded by negative feelings to test if you really mean what you think. Besides there’s an unspoken of process of thoughts becoming words becoming actions becoming part of your character. It’s just the way the process works.

So take a chance on something new and free yourself from all that extra baggage.

30 5 / 2013

Our new space!